An exercise in desensitizing Muslims?

I wasn’t planning to participate in Draw Muhammed Day.  I’m not much of a joiner and (mostly) don’t try to offend and enrage tens of millions of people just for shits and giggles, but the recent violent attack on Lars Viks pisses me off so damn much I simply can not stand idly by while Islamists offer a bounty for deadly violence for a little bit of harmless blasphemy.

I wholeheartedly agree with  Thorbjørn Jagland when he writes:

As secretary-general of the Council of Europe, I strongly believe that freedom of expression is fundamental to our values, and something that all 47 member states must always defend, with neither compromise nor apology.

And in that spirit, I am introducing a new blog policy.  Every time some overheated Islamic lunatic perpetrates violence, or threatens violence, or offers money to someone else in order to perpetrate violence against anyone, Muslim or not, for the exercise of her fundamental right to freedom of expression, I’m going to take a picture of Mohammed’s face and shop it into something totally offensive to Muslims and totally amusing to me.  Like this:

teletubby mohammed

I am hoping enough of this sort of thing will amass that Muslims will become completely desensitized to ironic, amusing or offensive depictions of their prophet.  After all, they can’t slit everybody’s throat, can they?

Now, I can’t always keep up with all the religiously motivated, speech-suppressing murders, imprisonments, violent attacks and fatwas perpetually spewing from the bowels of Islam, so I welcome comments to keep me up to date.

A note to Muslims:  I am on your side when it comes to a number of meaningful issues.  The war.  Israel’s apartheid state.  Your right to wear religious garments. I write letters to my MPs, I demonstrate, I voice my objections.  I blog.

However, freedom of expression is non-negotiable.  When followers of Islam pull this outrageous behavior and the  majority of Muslims fail to condemn it, it completely takes the wind out of my sails.  It makes me not care what happens to the Muslim citizens of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Please, for your own sakes, I beg those of you who live in secular democracies to get used to freedom of expression and get used to it right now, today.


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3 Responses to “An exercise in desensitizing Muslims?”

  1. maaark Says:

    well said

  2. Mohammed’s face on another inappropriate thing. « the Apophatic Attic Says:

    […] It looks like those contemptible Islamic lunatics who physically attacked Lars Viks haven’t gotten the memo, because a few days ago they set his house on fire.  So, as promised, here is my corresponding […]

  3. Shams Says:

    FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION..! I think we say it but are not really aware what does it actually mean. Freedom does not mean disrespecting beliefs and feelings of millions of people, just because you have the freedom to say “Anything”. Great responsibility comes with the freedom which must be reflected in your expressions.

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