Another pair of asinine visa fiascos brought to you by Jason Kenney

Self-described “Catholic Zionist” MP Jason Kenney – the Conservative MP who banned UK Member of Parliament George Galloway from entering Canada because of his open acknowledgment of Israel’s war crimes – is in the news this week for two more appalling decisions.

To wit:

Camara Sow begged Immigration Minister Jason Kenney Monday to step in and allow her to stay in Canada until her baby is born.

“I want the minister to help me to stay here, beside my husband,” an emotional Camara Sow said. “I’m sick, I’m pregnant and I’m afraid that at my age, I may lose my baby.”

Sow is 24 weeks pregnant, has Type 2 diabetes and had a miscarriage last year.

Staff at Kenney’s office said the file is in the hands of the Canada Border Services Agency. A spokesman for CBSA said people are only deported once all their legal avenues have been exhausted.


For years, the Nova Scotia Gambia Association has sent Canadian nurses, students and other volunteers overseas to teach HIV-awareness and other health education programs to people in the small West African countries of Gambia and Sierra Leone.

This year, the non-profit group decided to bring eight of its Gambian staff to Canada, to attend the group’s 25th anniversary celebrations in Halifax, and to talk to students in local schools about life in Africa.

A Halifax church and a handful of schools across Nova Scotia raised $23,000 to pay the costs of bringing the Gambians to Canada. But plans for the trip were cancelled this week when Kenney rejected visitor visa applications for the group.

Is it just me or is the Immigration Minister starting to seem like a bit of a soulless obstructionist?

Was I the only one begrudgingly moved to moist-eyed feelings of warm, fuzzy patriotism during that Tim Horton’s ad they played during the Olympics?  The one where the African immigrant meets his family at the airport after what appears to be a lengthy separation, bringing them all brand new parkas and dragging them out into the snow, their eyes wide with wonder – or perhaps horror?  Didn’t Jason Kenney see that ad?  Wasn’t he moved?  Didn’t that ad scream “This is Canada’s heart and soul on display!” to him as it did to me?

The good news for Sayon Camara is that the Federal Court has stayed her deportation order, no thanks to Jason Kenney and his above-referenced “staff”, or the “spokesperson” for the CBSA who must be either ignorant, a liar or a simpleton in light of his / her / its quote.

Potentially good news for the Nova Scotia Ghambia Association is that Nova Scotia Liberal MLA Andrew Younger passed a resolution, supported by all three parties, to formally request that Kenney reconsider his decision.  Whether Kenney will consider the province’s request in good faith or continue to be a stinking pig-headed racist remains to be seen.

I’m a little disturbed by some of the comments on these stories.  Here’s an example that pretty much sums them all up:

“I can’t believe we trunned someone down. I though we let everyone and their dog into the country. Time we started kicken a few out..”

I note that nearly illiterate Canadian right-wing-nuts, unlike their American counterparts, still know the difference between “their”, “they’re” and “there”.  But apart from this subtle distinction I feel like I’m pretty much looking at a tea partier in a parka with a double double in its hand.

These are the people Kenney is appealing to with his increasingly “tough talk” on making it even more difficult than it already is to come to Canada, and to stay in once you’re in.  Are there enough of these slack-jawed yokels to saddle us with yet another incompetent Conservative government in the next election?  I hope not.

To Mr. Kenney and his supporters:  Step outside.  Look around.  Do you think we might have a teensy bit of extra room in Canada for Camara and her baby?  If it’s too dark outside to see, try this picture instead:

And Jason, how about you stay late at the office and see who it is comes to empty out your wastebasket, clean your toilets and wipe all those greasy bacon double cheeseburger fingerprints off your desk.  I’m willing to bet the following.  1: it’s an immigrant,  2: it’s not a white immigrant, and 3: You don’t want to do it yourself and you’d rather your kids didn’t do it either.

Wise up.  You can’t have a growth-based economy in a country where women have access to birth control if that country is hostile to immigration.  We depend on immigrants to grow our population, and consequently our economy.  If you can’t grasp this basic fact, you are not qualified for the job.


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