Vancouver’s ludicrously engorged housing bubble…

… is subjected to some rather amusing parody here:

Take the Crack Shack or Mansion challenge!

“We aim to discover what 1 million dollars will buy you in Vancouver, Canada, and whether your Mansion be distinguishable from a crack shack.  Instructions: Select “Crack Shack” or “Million Dollar Mansion” for each option.”

My score: 8 out of 16.  I did better on the the beta version, but they’d left in clues like realty signs in the yard and all the certified crack shacks were either much nicer or much more decrepit than the average Vancouver house.

The “recovery” of Vancouver’s housing market has been reported in the evening news by giddy sounding homeowners who can’t conceal their excitement despite acknowledging that it is now nearly impossible for first time buyers to enter the market.  There’s only so long these folks can get by on selling their houses to each other though – eventually there will be so many empty “mansions” on the market that Vancouver’s housing crisis will resolve itself:  there won’t be enough police around to evacuate all the squatters.

Meanwhile, Gordon Campbell’s government is raising taxes and implementing massive cuts to social housing, education, social assistance and arts and culture to help pay his bill for hosting the Olympics.

My advice to him:  Stop.  Just stop. You are doing everything ass-backwards.  By placing public projects such as social housing at the forefront of the public agenda you can exert a gentle downward pressure on the property market, ameliorate Vancouver’s rampant homelessness (lowering the cost of crime as a direct consequence) and increase your tax base (by increasing our disposable income) in one go.  On top of that, you would be providing a solid foundation for maintaining civic stability when the bubble bursts, as it inevitably will.

By building public policy around your increasingly irrational faith in infinite economic growth you are measurably decreasing the quality of life of the 99% of us who are not multi-millionaires.


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