When is the smiting coming?

Dear Roman Catholic Church,

Please stop enraging me by ducking and weaving, obfuscating and pointing fingers at other people to deflect criticism for your policy of sheltering child molesters from any meaningful consequences for their actions. The public outrage that is filtering through the sand into which your holy heads are stuck is not, as you continue to publicly insist, a gay-atheist-media conspiracy to smear the good  reputation of the Catholic Church.

It may surprise you to learn that out here in the filth-infested den of lustful immorality that is the secular world, raping children is genuinely considered to be intolerably, infuriatingly wrong, and those who indulge are expected to be locked up and / or kept well out of the path of potential victims. Those who are aware of the rape of children are expected to report the abuse to secular authorities immediately so that an impartial police investigation can take place before the evidence goes cold, or risk being subjected to criminal charges themselves.

I’m afraid there is no way forward for the Catholic Church but to confess your sins. Not to each other, but to the secular police force in whatever jurisdiction to which your child raping clergy happen to be ministering. While your priest-rapists and their conspirators are moldering away in prison, they will have ample opportunity to repent. Later, while they are conforming to their parole conditions of staying hundreds of meters away from any place where children gather, they might attain the necessary distance from the targets of their despicable lust to reform.

Isn’t that what it’s all about, for a good Catholic? Sin, confession, repentance, and (ostensibly) reformation? I don’t recall a Catholic doctrine of sin, obfuscation, scapegoating, angry defensiveness, arrogant posturing and defiance, but in doctrinal matters I’m sure you know better than I.

Honestly, you are behaving as if you don’t think the molestation of thousands of children in your care is that big a deal. You are behaving as if you are surprised at the outrage and don’t understand its cause. I can’t help thinking that the needle of your moral compass has been firmly wedged up your own infallible ass for so long you’ve completely lost the ability to empathize with the concerns of ordinary citizens.

Please, if you are truly incapable of taking full responsibility for your actions and facing the consequences, at least petition your god to begin the smiting of evildoers.

the Apophatic Attic.

In other news:

Pope Forgives Molested Children


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6 Responses to “When is the smiting coming?”

  1. Paul Sunstone Says:

    That was a genuinely brilliant use of the English language. You rock!

  2. apophaticattic Says:

    Aw, thanks Paul. Just a little something I had to get off my chest. I feel much better now. I’m positive Ratzinger is going to take my comments to heart and do a bit of housecleaning now.

  3. Paul Sunstone Says:

    No doubt. The man is nothing if not sensitve to the feelings of others — especially those of us who are not ourselves priests.

    It befuddles me there are any Catholics left in the world — I would have thought these scandals would drive any self-respecting person from the Church.

  4. ephemeralthoughts Says:

    That was brilliant! I agree with Paul – you rock!

  5. Michael Says:

    I wish I was as eloquent in my posts on the subject. Magnificent! May I put a plug in for your work on my blog?

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