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My new toy!

December 10, 2008

I’ve found the ultimate Protools plug-in – a virtual HDRI (high dynamic range imaging) filter. The one I’ve been playing with turns this:


into this, with the touch of a button.


The plug-in is called ReDynamix by Mediachance. There may be other, better ones. I haven’t really looked, but I can’t seem to stop playing with it.

I will post more experiments after I get the hang of this.


Where I’ve Been

December 7, 2008

I haven’t been posting for a while.  The reason for this is that I’ve been promoted.  The new role takes up all my mental energy and then some, but it also gives me an opportunity to influence something I thought was immutable:  a local government’s power to invade the privacy of those who live in the shadow of its authority.

While I’m learning the ropes – familiarising myself with the legislation, case history, policy and culture that directs the actions of the bureaucracy I work for – I don’t think I will have any steam left over for continuing the political aspects of my blog.  These days, my research is all related to my responsibilities at work.

To sum those responsibilities up, in a county with half a million people, I’m the only civil servant investigating and attempting to enforce their legal right to privacy, as well as their right to access and influence the information the government holds on them.

With no legal background and no experience in this area it’s been quite a big job to bring myself up to speed, and I still have a lot to learn.  To be honest, it’s madness that they’ve put a foreign temp without a relevant background in such a role to begin with, but it does demonstrate the lack of concern democratic bureaucracies in general have regarding their obligation to comply with privacy (a subset of human rights) legislation.

Anyway, please consider me “on assignment” for the moment.  I will be sacked when the role I’m in comes up for permanent assignment, because bureaucracies are all about box-ticking and I’m not qualified for my own job.  After this, when I go back to filing,button pushing and long, boring days with little to do (which will be a welcome change), I’ll have a lot to say about the experience, and a lot of advice to give to those who hope to exercise their legal rights of privacy and access to information.