Please, Fundie God, keep your flock out of my country, amen.

Please take a moment out of your day to pray that the Canadian border authorities give members of the Westboro Baptist Church the Ann Wright treatment when they try to attend the funeral of Tim McClean tomorrow.

They’re planning to try pretty hard, so it’s gonna take some hard praying!  A few anal probes might be in order – I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that’s where they’ve been keeping their banners and t-shirts.


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3 Responses to “Please, Fundie God, keep your flock out of my country, amen.”

  1. Richard Says:

    Have you seen Louis Theroux’s ‘Most hated Family in America’ where he spends a few days with the Westboro Baptist Church? It’s gripping viewing, as are some of his other ‘Weird Weekends’.

  2. Jeff Mark Says:

    I was waiting for the news that Fred Phelps finally got old and died, but unfortunately his children are just as bad (or worse), thus continuing the hate. Very sad, very scary. (Great blog, by the way)

  3. apophaticattic Says:

    Hi, Jeff, thanks.

    I have the distinct feeling, after watching the video Richard recommended, that the whole thing will fall apart when Phelps finally kicks the bucket. There don’t seem to be any candidates for leadership of the cult – they are all followers. So lets all cross our fingers he dies soon and the rest of them scatter to be diluted in the mainstream.

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